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A Taste of 50 Years - Bailey Gallery Exhibition

This show features Farber's career over the span of five decades, encompassing Nudes, Fashion, Commercial, and the Deterioration Series.

One-on-One & Group Coaching

ONLY if you are TRULY ready - here is a unique Mentorship and Coaching Opportunity about what you do not and cannot learn in art school

The Farber Studio Tour

The Farber Studio has created a new experience to engage art & photography lovers with an on-demand 24/7 Studio Tour.

Women As Art: 50 Years of an Evolving Vision

A 50-year retrospective encompassing multiple genres that metaphorically conceptualizes women. From Fashion to Conceptual ... from Beauty to Nudes ... to Re-Imagined.

Blockchain Certificates

All Farber Gallery Editions are now verified on the Blockchain using VERISART Certificates of Authenticity.

Farber Video Works

Farber released five new video art pieces displayed 65-75" inch HD wall monitors featuring morphing renditions of the Deterioration & Wet Series and other classic images.

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

Robert Farber is offering an exclusive printing of 37 photographs from his new exhibition Women as Art: 50 Years of an Evolving Vision as well as a drawing for a large format gallery edition print of their choice valued up to $19,000.

Wet Series: A Collaboration of Art and Misfortune

A surprise flood nearly destroyed half of Farber’s studio, but luckily most of his print archives were untouched. The images that were affected turned out to be beautiful in their own right. Introducing: The Wet Series.

The Deterioration Series

The deterioration of the transparencies is the result of the film's chemical reaction from decades of sitting in non-archival plastic sleeves. Other than the natural process of deterioration, no retouching or manipulation was done to the images.

Farber in Florence

Robert travelled to Florence in July to promote Breast Cancer Awareness with the organization Firenze In Rosa Onulus.

Los Angeles Exhibition: 44 Years of Capturing Beauty from Sensitive

On April 7th, 2018, Chromaluxe and Blazing Editions is sponsoring a special retrospective of Robert Farber’s fine art photography as dye-infused prints on metal.

Sao Paulo Exhibition at Gabriel Wickbold

On April 3rd, 2018, Gabriel Wickbold Gallery will feature Farber's vintage fashion and nudes.

U.S. Debut: The Deterioration Series

As part of Art Miami 2017, Robert Farber debuted his Deterioration Series along with some of his never-before-seen Midnight Studio Series. December 5-10, at Hexton Gallery.

Farber at Paris Photo

Deterioration image selected by Karl Lagerfeld and featured on page one published by Steidl.

European Debut: The Deterioration Series

On November 11, through the 21st, Robert Farber debuted his Deterioration Series along with some of his never-before-seen Midnight Studio Series.

21st Editions, Colour

Published by 21st Editions, COLOUR premieres Farber’s Deterioration Series, an organic creation 40 years in the making. In the book, Collier Brown pairs Farber’s Deteriorations with one of the greatest treatises on color ever written: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s, as Theory of Colours (1810).

Art Meets Humanity

Commissioned by Newsweek to shoot a cover for the breast cancer issue, Robert Farber took a more fine-art approach from the publication’s usual direction. Aside from the assigned purpose for cover image, this shooting resulted in a number of other successful photographs that have since been released as limited edition gallery prints. Additionally, an image from this shoot became the cover image for Robert's book, Natural Beauty, Farber Nudes.

New York Exhibition: Capturing Beauty

Robert Farber was invited to showcase a retrospective of his fine art photography in a special way, as dye-infused prints on metal. The exhibition was sponsored by ChromaLuxe and Blazing Editions.

Unseen: Midnight Studio at White box

Unseen: Midnight Studio at White box … a Frieze vip Program, reveals a different side of Farber's career. Ongoing from April 13 - May 13 2017 at Whitebox.

Unseen: Midnight Studio

A side of Robert Farber unseen for over 40 years.

Trópica Galeria de Arte

Rio, December 10, 2015


Farber captured this simple graphic image of the bow of a small red boat tied up in Portofino, Italy. This image became the cover for his book By the Sea. In this book he asked a cross section of people to express their feelings of being by the sea. Their words are reproduced in their own handwriting. The result is an eclectic collection of handwritten thoughts by a wide variety of people… from the “famous” to folks whose lives depend on the sea.

Looking Up

A unique view of a great monument.

Caddy Tailfins

1959 Cadillac tail fin is an image in the book, Robert Farber, American Mood. It is also a limited edition gallery print.


This is from an assignment Farber shot for Phillip Morris in 1982. The campaign was to promote the glamour of smoking in the golden era of Hollywood. Their concept at the time was quite unique because in ’82 the classic lighting of George Hurrell and other great photographers of that era were not yet popularized as they are today.

Walking the Dog

This image was shot in the Meatpacking District. The day was rainy and the wet streets perfectly enhanced the scene. This along with the bulldog being walked by a well-dressed woman creates a juxtaposition amongst all elements.

Under the Palm

This image was photographed in Crandon Park, Key Biscayne, Miami, Florida for the book Natural Beauty, Farber Nudes. It is has also been released as a limited edition gallery print.

American Mood

American Mood is a stunning album of lyrical and nostalgic photographs. Taking the idea of one artist’s personal journey, both physical and spiritual, as a starting point, Farber has produced a collection that reflects the rich diversity of the life and landscape of America.

Images of Woman

Robert Farber’s fine-art work was established with the publication of this first book in 1976, Images of Woman.

Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo

For an assignment to shoot an editorial with Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, who since became Miss Universe. Farber captured her in a variety of different time periods… the 1960's, 1980's and now.

Along with photographing Olivia, he shot Miss Teen USA, Logan West in a style inspired by the 1930’s.

Our Mexico

Robert was commissioned by a Mexican dignitary to create this important cultural fine-art project. Farber traveled all over Mexico to capture the spirit of the country and its people. The concept of this project is to show the devotion to family, religion and hard work as well as to capture the beauty of the country.

The final creation is a limited edition fine-art portfolio & book called Our Mexico.

This portfolio and book was personally delivered as a gift to political dignitaries, heads of major corporations around the world, and also to President Calderon of Mexico.

Visual Sample

A visual overview of Farber’s career, printed as a 70 page catalogue and is available upon request.

Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete

For this assignment, Farber was commissioned to photograph Ximena Navarrete who was the current Miss Universe. She was photographed as part of a print campaign endorsing a water company owned by PepsiCola, Mexico.

Ximena was brought in because of her celebrity status in Mexico, and Farber for his ability to capture her in his natural way.

These stills were captured between the different scenes and takes of the TV commercial, which Farber also directed.


This image will be included in an upcoming book that Robert is in the process of editing.

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