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Deterioration Series

A Collaboration with Time

When exploring my archive of images that go back to 1969, I not only rediscovered images that would now be considered classic or vintage, but also a new life in the works themselves, created only by my collaboration with time.

The deterioration of the transparencies is the result of the film's chemical reaction from decades of sitting in non-archival plastic sleeves.

No Retouching or Digital Manipulation

Other than the natural process of deterioration, no retouching or manipulation was done to the images.

Timeline of Deterioration Series

  • 1977-1984 Photos were captured
  • Early 90s First noticed the film’s Deterioration
  • Early 90s – 2013 Revisit archives to monitor the Deterioration
  • 2013 Determination point to stop the transformation and archivally preserve
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