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Women As Art

50 Years of an Evolving Vision

A 50-year retrospective encompassing multiple genres that metaphorically
conceptualizes women.

From Fashion to Conceptual… from Beauty to Nudes… to Re-Imagined.

The exhibition is in continuation of Farber's 25-years of support and collaboration with
Breast Cancer Research.

Exhibition Preview Video

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

From Fashion

To Conceptual

From Beauty

To Nudes

And Re-Imagined

Exhibition Statement

Farber’s photographs introduce viewers to a world of beauty in which women, at times are often overlooked and objectified by society. Exploring the female form, he captures the true essence of a woman in her undisturbed element. His works entice the viewer to contemplate and question beauty versus sexuality, encouraging reconsideration in the way one looks at the female form. Farber states, Bodies are fully as expressive as faces. Sometimes the arch of a back, the curve described by an arm, the tension of an outstretched leg can evoke responses that a facial expression can’t.

In Women as Art, Farber presents women reposed or engaged in diverse ranges of activities that showcase their beauty and emotional power through physical form. His works isolate common notions of sexual objectification, turning photographs into picturesque compositions that frequently possess a painterly quality.

In a multi-genre career deliberately construed towards a prominence in women, what has evolved is a fifty-year retrospective that encompasses numerous works, metaphorically conceptualizing women; transforming the female form into unique abstraction. The final exhibition highlights his creative skill and imagination through his photographic lens.

Robert Farber’s art has influenced generations of photographers. His impressionistic style captures the essential substance of composition in several genres, including nudes, fashion, still life, landscape, architecture, and lifestyle. His thirteen photo art books have sold over half a million copies.

Curated by Nicole Ianniello