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Transformational pieces that seamlessly morph between newly released and classic images, covering decades of Farber's iconic catalogue.

The Deterioration Series - Farber's film transparencies that underwent chemical reactions as a result of sitting in non-archival plastic sleeves for decades - have been combined with the pristine originals to create a new series of morphing video montages.

Each piece is presented at two speeds: a Demo edition, which is designed for an overview of each work, and the Collector edition, which are 10 minutes long and morph slowly through each image nearly imperceptibly.

Motion 04 (Demo Edition), 2019.

There are currently 5 works available (Motion 01 - 05) and each is presented on 65 inch (165 cm) or 75 inch (190.5 cm) High Definition monitor in an edition of 5.

All video works have Certificates of Authenticity authenticated on the Blockchain that verifies their scarcity and locks in their value.

Certificate Sample

Physical purchase includes hardware and full installation service worldwide.

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