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Farber Digital Works

Fine Art NFTs

NFTs with a Meaning - Organically created from stories and experiences
as a result of 50 years of an Evolving Vision.

"Some of Farber's most iconic images - including vintage fashion featuring the world's most famous supermodels -
seamlessly blend into new and complex variations, re-imagining concepts of beauty and abstraction."

Each NFT is an MP4 Video ranging from 9 seconds
to 60 seconds that seamlessly loop.

Each Video is in an edition of 1/1.

Deterioration Series NFTs

The Deterioration Series - Farber's film transparencies that underwent chemical reactions as a result of sitting in non-archival plastic sleeves for decades - have been combined with the pristine originals to create a new series of morphing video montages.

Fractional 04 - 4 ETH
Fractional 08 - 4 ETH
Fractional 02 - 2 ETH
Fractional 06 - 6 ETH
Fractional 01 - 2 ETH
Fractional 05 - 4 ETH

Wet Series NFTs

The Wet Series - In May 2018, surprise flood nearly destroyed half of Farber’s studio. While excavating the ruins he uncovered several catalogues of drenched non-archival small prints. "I separated dozens of images and found myself discarding ONLY the unaffected ones ... and discovered these new abstractions of the originals."

Bellagio Flower
Boston Factory
2 Torsos
Snow Street
Fractional 09 - 1 ETH
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