Art Meets Humanity

Robert Farber: Art Meets Humanity

25 Years
Breast Cancer Awareness

Robert Farber

Farber’s sensitive portrayal of the female form has resulted in 25 years of continued commissions to help in the awareness of Breast Cancer.

Robert Farber: Art Meets Humanity

This has resulted in numerous projects to raise money to fight this disease.

The following is a timeline of his commissions.


Commissioned to photograph a cover for Newsweek on Breast Cancer

Robert Farber: Art Meets Humanity

Books and Exhibitions

Farber’s artistic approach for Newsweek resulted in a number of images which were later published in his book "Natural Beauty Farber Nudes", and were also released in gallery editions.

Robert Farber: Art Meets Humanity
Robert Farber: Art Meets Humanity


“Natural Beauty Farber Nudes” published, revised in 2004

Robert Farber: Art Meets Humanity

Robert Farber dedicated “Natural Beauty Farber Nudes” to a close friend named Diane Erickson who died of breast cancer.

Diane was the first model on the cover of Self Magazine. When she began her fight against the disease she was writing a monthly journal in Self called “Diane’s Diary” to educated people on breast cancer.

The book and gallery opening resulted in a partnership with The Evelyn Lauder Breast Cancer Research Foundation and 100% of the proceeds were donated to this fund.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Robert Farber and Holiday House

Holiday House, New York City
Robert Farber: Art Meets Humanity

Founded by interior designer Iris Dankner and partnering with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Holiday House is supported and endorsed by some of the most celebrated global luxury brands and interior designers, a number of whom were directly involved:

  • Ally Coulter
  • Iris Dankner
  • Rio Hamilton
  • Donna Livingston
  • Fendi Casa / Luxury Living

Donna Livingston Installs a Farber print at the Holiday House in the Hamptons.


Farber Commissioned to Photograph Breast Cancer Survivors

The sensitive way in which Farber’s photos captured women resulted in a commission to photograph the breast cancer survivors for the Holiday House, which also showcased at various events.

Commissioned by Iris Dankner, the Holiday House founder, and sponsored by Fendi Casa and Ally Coulter.

HRobert Farber: Art Meets Humanity

A Personal Experience with Breast Cancer

In 1963, before I ever heard of breast cancer, my mother was diagnosed with the disease. She survived with a mastectomy.

In 2006 my brother was also diagnosed with breast cancer, He also survied with a mastectomy.

I never knew a man was susceptible too.